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This is who we are and what we stand by.

Our Expertise

We come from a passionate research background. Our team includes only those who love to learn what is usually beyond their scope, which is how a civil engineering studied machine learning and an audio engineer is a master developer. This approach has yielded us our first patent (low frequency sound absorber) in 2021 and a few more are in the pipeline. We work closely with organisations like ARAI, Pune and IISc, Bangalore on developing new products and technologies. Additionally, we never shy away from discussing projects with top consultants who have a niche expertise and are always willing to share their wisdom. This lets us help you in a wide range of aspects in a project like acoustical design, audio equipment design, acoustical testing, noise reduction, interior design and so on.

Our Commitment to Results

When starting out as a company, we were meeting our first big client. The client was troubled, and we were recommended. After the first meeting, the client decided to go with us even though it involved some risk on their part. To hedge the risk, they suggested that they will hold back our fees and if they are not satisfied with the result, our fees will be used to rectify it. We took that as a challenge and you can check our the results here. Obviously, we got paid in full and more.

Our Philosophy

We are stoics. We take pride in the responsibility we take while working on anything and that gives us courage to deal with failures and mistakes. This keeps us committed to learning as much as we can and keeps the creativity high. This is how we have led our lives so far and this is how we plan to lead our business too.

Our Experience

We say yes to everything and that has presented us opportunities to work on a wide range of projects. We are providing research and product development consulting, acoustical tenders consulting. We have executed acoustics and audio for office spaces, conference rooms, home theatres, auditoriums, specialized seminar halls like moot courts, labs, and are manufacturing novel audio solutions involving complex embedded systems. We therefore are grateful to have serviced clients like L&T Technology Services, Airoli, Department of Kannada and Culture, Govt. of Karnataka, Forest Department, Maharashtra, MACPL, B'lore, Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital, Aurangabad, and many more!

The Team



The inability to hear his bass guitar in an untreated music room in his college fuelled his curiosity to pursue an MS in Engineering Acoustics from the Technical University of Denmark. He came back to India with a vision to develop indigenous acoustical products and hence started Consonance Acoustics LLP.  



Acoustical & Sound Engineer

Wanting to record and produce his own songs and failing, he discovered the world of sound engineering. He then got a degree in it while freelancing on the side. After mastering the field of mixing, he later went on to pursue Acoustics.

Keerti & Kailas Deshpande

Investors and Mentors

Our most prized possession, the power duo has been in business together and has seen all the ups and downs. Their experience, creativity, and commitment inspires and pushes us to take the business to new heights.

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