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L&T Technology services, MUMBAI

We designed a laboratory for the testing for Amazon Alexa. The space was required to meet acoustic criteria like reverberation time and background noise level set by Amazon. We achieved this using our patented low frequency absorbers and broadband absorbers.  

LTTS Mumbai 2.jpg

Kamal Nayan bajaj hospital, aurangabad

Many attempts being made to increase the speech intelligibility were failing and that is when we were approached to design the acoustics and audio. After testing we noticed the reverberation at lower and mid frequencies was around 4 seconds. With minimal absorption in place, we brought that time down to 1 second. As a result, speech can be heard across the hall without a microphone.

KBH nursing Hall interiors.jpg

Pitti engineering ltd, aurangabad

The aim was to create an office space right on the shop floor at their Aurangabad plant. Conversations cannot happen in the noise of a shop floor. Therefore all the meeting rooms, conference rooms, cabins and cubicles needed to be silent. After testing we could determine the noise peaks and designed a customised double glazed unit of glass to insulate those peaks. This has created a problem in that nobody is willing to work on the shop floor anymore!

Pitti Eng Ltd 1.jpg

epiphanies media studio, pune

Our sister company required a multi-purpose studio to record various kinds of audio and video tasks. The team required the space to be completely soundproof and dead. With our patented products, getting it done was a piece of cake!

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